Plantui sales grow in Europe and Southeast Asia – new equity investments support growth

 The smart garden manufacturer Plantui has expanded into new markets in Europe and Asia, with sales operations already in 18 countries. Sales in Europe have been boosted by a retail agreement with the luxury department store Harrods. During the year, Plantui has raised more than one million euros in equity investments. With the funding, Plantui is aiming for strong growth in the Southeast Asian market.

The Finnish smart garden startup Plantui Oy successfully closed its newest funding round. In 2016, Plantui has raised more than one million euros in funding, with a third of it coming from private investors in Asia.

The company is aiming for strong growth in Southeast Asia, having established Plantui Asia LLP in December. A new sales hub will also be opened in Singapore at the beginning of 2017 to meet local demand more efficiently. An online shop, which was launched in November, is already actively serving the Singapore market.

  • “In Asia, the market for smart and indoor gardens is at a completely different level than in Finland, because many people lack the space to grow plants outdoors. Our device also saves significant amounts of water compared to traditional gardening, and Plantui grown plants contain up to five times more vitamins than plants grown using traditional methods. Indoor gardening is a fast-growing trend, and Plantui is one of the first players in the market,” says Karri Andersson, CEO of Plantui.

In Asia, Plantui’s growth strategy involves strengthening local marketing and sales efforts, thereby raising awareness about the brand. A partner in Plantui Asia LLP, John Cheah, a Singapore-based investor with extensive experience in gardening, feels that the Asian market has enormous potential.

  • “Plantui combines two aspects of international interest: food tech and Finnish design. People value Finnish design particularly in Asia. As food technology develops, vegetables will increasingly be grown where they are eaten. Plantui makes that possible in an ecological and chemical-free way,” Cheah says.

Plantui is also actively expanding its business in Europe. This autumn, the London high-end department store Harrods became a Plantui retailer and has been selling smart gardens since November. Harrods, which is particularly popular among Asian consumers, has been an important avenue for raising awareness about the Plantui brand before the busy Christmas season, and the collaboration has aroused interest in Plantui in other markets as well.

Plantui was established in 2012, and its smart gardens are currently sold in 18 countries. Sales have grown strongly during 2016 and the company is expected to double its turnover in 2017.

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