Chairman Tomi Taipale

tomi_taipaleTomi is industrial entrepreneur, farmer and investor. He is industrial entrepreneur in Kaarjoki Limited and Mecsalo Limited. Tomi is also early investor and partner in Vana Capital & Ventures. He looks after and supports the efforts in development and growth of African Wild Silk Ltd and Pilaster Ltd in Vana Ventures companies in the farming, in production process, in finance and in sales.

Tomi has been industrial and technology entrepreneur for over 10 years. He is very actively involved with his companies Kaarjoki Ltd (metal manufacturing) and Mecsalo Oy (fine mechanics, nanotechnology products). Tomi is also investor in Cosmo Nordic Limited and Proper Limited. His specialty is in industrial production, products, sales, investments, finance and government public policy in employer matters.

Tomi has M.Sc. (Econ) degree from the University of Joensuu. His hobbies are the Chairman of the oldest employer association in Finland, family farming, sailing and ice hockey. Tomi is a JCI Senator. He is also board member at FC Paimion Haka. Tomi is passionate about the support for children and youth soccer.

Member Hannu Kaila

hannu_kailaHannu is serial internet technology and software product entrepreneur and early stage investor. He works now as CIO at DFC Global Corp. Hannu is also early investor and partner in Vana Capital & Ventures.

Hannu has internet technologies and software product entrepreneurial experience for over 15 years. He started his entrepreneurial career in 1999 with G5 Digital Design.  After that Hannu has worked at Satama Interactive, Trainers’ house, Risicum Ltd. and Dollar Financial Ltd. specialized in business and technology management. In addition Hannu has a lot of entrepreneurial experience for example with Innova Digital Ltd.

Hannu has a M.Sc. degree (Industrial Process Engineering and Software Development) from the Åbo Academi University. At his leisure time he enjoys building his summer cottage, enjoying Turku archipelago and cycling and floor hockey.

Member Teemu Konttinen

teemu-konttinen-2Teemu is a start-up investor, high quality design products jewellery, watches and diamond jewellery entrepreneur. Teemu is a partner in Vana Capital & Ventures. He is also CEO of African Wild Silk Ltd, and responsible for its development and growth in the future. Teemu supports Vana’s target firms global sales channels, sales and brand development and growth along within companies partner and human resources matters.

Teemu has been jewellery, watch and diamond jewellery entrepreneur in their family business for over 20 years. Teemu’s specialty is in high quality products design, production, brand building, global sales channels and sales strategies, customer account development and management. He is a board member in several companies f.e. Oy Tillander Ab Ltd, Konttinen-Kultavirta Ltd, Neoption Ltd.

Teemu has M.A. degree in Design Management from De Montfort University and BBA degree from European University in Brussels. His hobbies are telemark skiing, other active sports, culinary experiences and literature.

Member Pasi “Vana” Vanttinen


Vana is serial entrepreneur, early phase tech investor, futurist, strategist and Vana Capital & Ventures founder.

He has founded, lead teams, financed and invested in 7 different sustainable development and digital tech companies in about 14 years. They have made with minimal resources over 50 tech products from idea to market. Last 5 years the focus have been only in companies with solutions to sustainable urban development.

He has been director of tens of companies, foundations and organizations for the past 20 years. He has brought in his ownership, entrepreneurship, governance, strategy, leadership, management and global business experience.

He has been in different trusted elected and advisory positions in Cities management and development positions in the past 20 years. His focus has been in health care and hospital matters along with strategy and management.

He has also management Turku Business Economics foundation and Entrepreneurs Unemployment Fund asset management strategy, allocation and executions with very good results so far for the past about 15 years.

He has M.Sc. (Economics), M.A. (International Political Economy), AB (Economic History) ja AB (International Commerce) degress from London School of Economics, University of Warwickin and Brown University.

His hobby is golf, sailing, reading complexity and economics literature. He is active RSA fellow, JCI Senator, WFS and AEA member.