Vana Capital & Ventures was founded in 2015.

Company was founded based on recognition of global trends, opportunities and demand in potential target companies fitting in impact venture capital market segment in the Nordics and in Europe.

We recognized that sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) investing markets have grown globally during the past decade. SRI investing markets have also provided very good returns with companies integrated sustainable economic, environmental and social development matters within their business.

We realized that European markets have great potential for growth in responsible and in impact investing markets, but the growth potential was especially in impact venture capital market segment with good returns, positive impact in sustainable development and globally scalable early growth companies needed financing.

Founder was also involved in numerous companies, in which they had already developed and developing solutions for sustainable urban development problems that fulfilled impact venture capital requirements and had potential for growth finance needs in the future. Impact venture capital would be the right segment for these growth finance.

Founder involved target companies were also part of the global megatrends in bioeconomy, in cleantech and in digitalization areas, which are also important to future sustainable urban development and business opportunities.

Migration and growth of the cities with sustainable urban development focus will open up many needs and business opportunities, which are important for the challenges in fighting against the climate change and enabling sustainable development generally. UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and new urban agenda for 2030 along with Paris Agreement 2015 have also set targets and provided commitments to provide many new future opportunities.

We recognised also the need and demand for more entrepreneurial background teams and firms in the venture capital market, which would allow target companies to get strong and long experience in ownership and in entrepreneurship to help in the growing pains of many companies in the future.

Founder was also getting good and active team of entrepreneurs to join as senior advisers, who had similar interest in developing early growth companies in bioeconomy, in cleantech and in digitalisation along with preferences into impact venture capital investing and developing of these kind of companies into success in the future.

These factors have been the basis and foundation for the building of the impact venture capital company, which would provide good returns with positive impact in sustainable economic, environmental and societal development. We would also have our own specific process, which we believe to help add-value and results in the companies.