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”Circular Economy saves the Globe” seminar

MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen arranged ”Circular Economy saves the Globe” seminar, in which expert presentations by professor Markku Wilenius, director Mari Pantsar, serial entrepeneur and impact VC investor Pasi Vänttinen attracted large audiences and discussantants to restaurant School in Turku.

Sustainable development and circular economy expert Sirpa Pietikäinen kept presentation, in which she raised the importance of concrete actions to improve the use and recycling of limited resources on Earth.

Professor of Future Studies Markku Wilenius covered the topics of challenges, opportunities and needed solutions to taken in action so that we can fit and have resources to use  under only existing one globe. Finnish Innovation Fund circular economy program director Mari Pantsar spoke very clearly and logically about the issues and actions what and how we should act and do to enable the best circular economy in the future. Serial entrepreneur and impact VC investor Pasi Vänttinen focused in his presentation in the money, investment and working together as the key for smarter resource use and recycling in practice.

Member of Finnish Parliament and sustainable development expert Saara-Sofia Sirén emphasized in her final words that we need all of us – public, private and non-profits sector actors along with us as consumers – to work together to enable smarter resources use and recycling in the future.

One of the members in audience and environmental sector expert stated that “rarely one hears directly hour and half so many interesting topics and thoughts with actionable solutions about how our future and life would be safer on the Earth. Member of the audience stated also that all experts presentations and speeches were full of facts and even without the continuous power point presentations.”

Interesting discussions continued after the official part in different smaller groups between the experts and participants, which lasted several hours afterwards. Many participants presented a wish that more of these kind of seminars would be, in which we would have excellent experts providing basis for further, wider and deeper discussions in smaller groups to different aspects of the circular economy in the future.

Plantui raised new 1,4 million euro finance and signed OEM product agreement with one of the leading global home appliances manufacturers in May 2018.

Finnish smart garden developer Plantui succeeded closing new finance round, which included investments from existing shareholders and many new investors. New investors included many HNWIs f.e. one of the Supercell founders Mikko Kodisoja. Many new investors were especially attracted by the OEM product agreement signed with one of the leading global home appliances manufacturer.

Plantui aimed at getting partnership agreement with one of the leading global home appliances manufacturer, which happened and agreement was signed in May 2018.

Plantui will focus on with its global partner to R&D work, which results are presented at IFA in Berlin 31.8.2018. Plantui will also continue to invest in its own global business development, which means expansion of its resellers network in 22 countries in Europe, in Asia and in North America.

Successful finance round provide more ammunition for R&D and further international expansion.

Smart home garden and food tech market are growing extremely rapidly globally at the moment.

Plantuin tavoitteena oli kumppanuus yhden johtavan maailman laajuisen kodinkonevalmistajan kanssa, joka saatiin aikaan ja sopimus allekirjoitettiin Toukokuussa 2018.

Finance round enable the company to invest more in marketing and sales, in which special emphasis is on digital marketing and web shop, In addition, the company will continue on further investigation and development of its vertical gardening concept for professional users.

New finance round got flying start with Mikko Kodisoja, one of the Supercell founders, decision to invest in the company through his KEM Ventures company.

– Indoor gardening is globally fast growing trend. And I was impressed with Plantui product functionality and quality. Fresh herbs and salad growing supports local and natural food productions, which is in good balance with our sustainable investment philosophy tells Mikko Kodisoja about his investment decision.

Global business partner enables also many new possibilities in the future.

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