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Plantui sales grow in Europe and Southeast Asia – new equity investments support growth

 The smart garden manufacturer Plantui has expanded into new markets in Europe and Asia, with sales operations already in 18 countries. Sales in Europe have been boosted by a retail agreement with the luxury department store Harrods. During the year, Plantui has raised more than one million euros in equity investments. With the funding, Plantui is aiming for strong growth in the Southeast Asian market.

The Finnish smart garden startup Plantui Oy successfully closed its newest funding round. In 2016, Plantui has raised more than one million euros in funding, with a third of it coming from private investors in Asia.

The company is aiming for strong growth in Southeast Asia, having established Plantui Asia LLP in December. A new sales hub will also be opened in Singapore at the beginning of 2017 to meet local demand more efficiently. An online shop, which was launched in November, is already actively serving the Singapore market.

  • “In Asia, the market for smart and indoor gardens is at a completely different level than in Finland, because many people lack the space to grow plants outdoors. Our device also saves significant amounts of water compared to traditional gardening, and Plantui grown plants contain up to five times more vitamins than plants grown using traditional methods. Indoor gardening is a fast-growing trend, and Plantui is one of the first players in the market,” says Karri Andersson, CEO of Plantui.

In Asia, Plantui’s growth strategy involves strengthening local marketing and sales efforts, thereby raising awareness about the brand. A partner in Plantui Asia LLP, John Cheah, a Singapore-based investor with extensive experience in gardening, feels that the Asian market has enormous potential.

  • “Plantui combines two aspects of international interest: food tech and Finnish design. People value Finnish design particularly in Asia. As food technology develops, vegetables will increasingly be grown where they are eaten. Plantui makes that possible in an ecological and chemical-free way,” Cheah says.

Plantui is also actively expanding its business in Europe. This autumn, the London high-end department store Harrods became a Plantui retailer and has been selling smart gardens since November. Harrods, which is particularly popular among Asian consumers, has been an important avenue for raising awareness about the Plantui brand before the busy Christmas season, and the collaboration has aroused interest in Plantui in other markets as well.

Plantui was established in 2012, and its smart gardens are currently sold in 18 countries. Sales have grown strongly during 2016 and the company is expected to double its turnover in 2017.

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CEO, Plantui Oy
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Finnish Innovation Fund published impact investing manual for investors

Impact investing is growing fast globally. Impact investing combines financial returns and positive impact in sustainability as its main aim for investing. Impact brings third dimension to the traditional risk-return ratio consideration and valuation for investors. Impact investing manual provides overview of the market, different instruments and investment process. Please go download impact investing manual in Finnish from Finnish Innovation website from the the link


Year 2016 in Review

Vana Capital & Ventures Invests in Plantui

Vana Capital & Ventures has invested in Finnish Design and Food Tech company Plantui, which grows across the globe and offers its Smart Garden products for hydroponic indoor gardening in 15 European and Asian countries.

There are few long-term global market trends, which are the continuous urbanization process, increasing interest in cooking and in local food along with interest in personal wellbeing and health that drives demand for new food tech solutions and products.

Plantui is a new Design & Food Tech company with focus on the growth process in hydroponic indoor gardening. Plantui combines cutting edge plant science, light spectrum intelligence & high technology packaged as a beautifully designed consumer product.

“We believe that in the future greens will be grown near where they are consumed, at home and your local restaurants. Plantui Smart Garden combined with a selection of plant capsules guarantees the best customer experience for growing your own greens at home and locally. Plantui aims to be the leading hydroponic indoor gardening company worldwide”, states Vana Capital &Ventures’ managing partner Pasi Vänttinen.

First Round of Fundraising Started

Vana Capital & Ventures has started the process of raising its first capital fund and signed agreement with international partner for advisory services.

“We have invested own money, resources and knowledge to our current target companies development and growth along with developing the company further. We have decided to take the next step, which is to raise impact venture capital fund to expand the business in the future”, says managing partner Pasi Vänttinen and continues: “We look for and plan to invest in companies, which offer solutions and impact to more sustainable urban development along with providing excellent returns and global business scalability from Finland and in the Nordics.”

Vana Capital & Ventures is a Finnish impact venture capital company, which is focused on early growth phase companies with potential for globally scalable business.

More companies joining Vana Capital & Ventures: Verso Globe abord

Vana Capital & Ventures has invested in digital responsibility technology and content platform company Verso Globe, which grows its sales in Europe.

“Sustainability, responsibility and transparency are the key issues that all companies and organizations want to improve and develop further to make them account for more to better business and policy. They are the future”, says managing partner Pasi Vänttinen.

“The world around us is changing fast. The climate change is real. The energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are still growing. We consume more than ever before. Natural resources are getting scarce and more expensive. The population growth appears unstoppable. All societal actors from governments to organizations and individuals need to take real action to change the course of development”, tells Vänttinen.

“The change is happening. Governments are legislating. Consumers are making different choices. Investors are shifting their strategies. Employees are voting with their feet. All this drives towards a better future. Verso digital responsibility platform and content are both an enabler of sustainable leadership and a tool for taking systematic actions towards impactful responsibility”, states Pasi Vänttinen.

Increasing ownership of African Wild Silk

African Wild Silk Limited is a start-up company, which has developed a unique process and production chain together with partners that produces fully ecological natural fibre luxury textile products for conscious people around the world.

“Ambersun baby alpaca, Kalahari Wild Silk and Finnish design are the ingredients, which are used in making handwoven fully natural products with a story behind them about sustainable development, transparency and saving the handicrafts tradition”, describes managing director of African Wild Silk, Teemu Konttinen.

African Wild Silk has entered into the initial first production and commercialization phase steps in its development, which required more capital and strengthening of the Board with some changes along within the management team. African Wild Silk named new shareholder Leena Vainiomäki as the Vice Chairman of the Board, in which role she brings in over 20 years of experience from corporate banking, finance and business development to the company. The company named new shareholder Teemu Konttinen as the CEO.

Changes in Company’s Management

Vana Capital & Ventures gets 3 new partners, Tero Toponen named as Chairman and Timo Ketonen as Vice Chairman of the Board.

Vana Capital & Ventures Board decided that it wanted to speed up its processes to be the leading Finnish impact venture capital company in the future.

“We want to be among the first in bringing the impact venture capital investment opportunity in the Nordics. We differ from many investors with our focus on impact venture capital, value based investing and a specific systematic approach to target companies development and growth”, clarifies managing partner Pasi Vänttinen.

Chairman Tero Toponen brings in his 10 years hands-on experience in start-up investing and board work managing. Tero fortifies our team with leadership, strategy, sales, customership and HR experience.

Vice Chairman Timo Ketonen brings in his experience of angel and in green start-up investments. He has also almost 20 years of professional experience as a board member and top manager in large company before. Timo strengthens our board and team with investment, ownership, entrepreneurial, leadership and marketing experience.

Board member Teemu Konttinen brings in his over 20 years of experience in luxury consumer goods. Teemu will strengthen our team also with his experience in ownership and in entrepreneurship from the past 20 years.

“Now we have our team ready to take the next steps and speed up our development to be the leading impact venture capital company and fund manager in Finland”, states managing partner Pasi Vänttinen.


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