What are UN PRI, ESG and SDG to SRI investing?

Pasi Vanttinen, Managing partner, Vana Capital & Ventures Investors are more concerned about the sustainability in the planet. UN Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI) have over 1800 signatories and over 68 trillion USD in capital commitments by 2017. Sustainable, Responsible and Impact (SRI) investment market have grown to 22.9 trillion USD in 2016. Sustainable and Responsible Investingaims to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions for better risk management and more stable long-term returns. Impact Investing aims to incorporate environmental or social factors into its investments decisions to get positive measurable impact in sustainable development along with Read More


What is Impact Venture Capital/Private Equity Investing?

 Pasi Vanttinen, Managing partner, Vana Capital & Ventures Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing means investments to projects, companies, organizations and/or funds that create and provide solutions to global sustainable economic, environmental and social development. There are different focus and emphasis differences in these investing areas. Impact investing means investments to funds, companies, projects or organizations that create and provide solutions with positive impact in different social or environmental problems along with some returns too. Positive impact measurement is very important to impact investing. These investments are allocated to critical societal environmental or social problems, in which changes are wanted in Read More


What is sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) investing in the nutshell?

Pasi Vanttinen, Managing partner, Vana Capital & Ventures Sustainable, Responsible and Impact investing markets have been founded based on the concerns over resources and capital allocated to sustainable economic, environmental and social/societal development. Capital, investments and resources are allocated to provide solutions to problems and take advantage of the opportunities in climate change, in different environmental and social challenges around the globe. SRI Investing Markets Overview We know that SRI Investing markets have all grown tremendously by the assets under management over the past years and decade. We know that most of these investments have provided similar or better returns Read More