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FTSE Russell Annual Trends Report 2018 – Reasons for Investing in the Global Green Economy and Sustainability

The green economy is a significant, growing and global market opportunity for investing with good returns. Investments can also be diversified across company size, geography and industry sector. It can be definable investment priority, gather and analyze relevant data, measure positive impact in sustainability and offer good investment returns, and providing great opportunities to deliver outperformance out of the global equity market returns. The green companies have generated higher returns than the broader equity market for the past five years. The proof is for example FTSE Russell’s green indexes, which have outperformed their parent benchmarks over the last five years Read More


New Ambiguous Future Roadmap for Impact Investing and Renewal in Financial Markets

Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) has created new vision and roadmap for impact investing and financial market renewal for the future with the support and financing from Rockefeller Foundation. Formal global impact investing market have existed over a decade. Market, investors and investments have all grown incredible in impact investing. But these impact investments have generated only a fraction of the positive impact needed to address the global challenges facing our economies, communities and planet. “New more ambiguous ‘Future Roadmap for impact investing’ is needed, which aims for all investments to make positive impact in sustainability and spur systemic change Read More


Brookings new report stated that the world’s 300 largest cities accelerated global economic growth and acted as important economic engines in the world economy

The Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program has just published the newest Global Metro Monitor 2018. The report findings included that 300 largest metropolitan areas in the world grew faster than the global economy, accounted for two-thirds (2/3) of global GDP growth and provided more than a third (over 1/3) of global employment growth between 2014-2016. The largest global urban metropolitan areas are the economic growth engines of the modern global economy. These areas are creating both opportunities and challenges in an era, in which national political, economic, and societal trends are increasingly influenced by subnational interests. Report provides rare local snapshot Read More


Robeco published a report “The Truth about Sustainability Investing”

Robeco Asset Management has just published good report about sustainability investing and its 9 common myths. Sustainability investing myths evolve around performance, idealism, screening, millennials, impact, data, trillions, portfolios and emerging markets related stories opinions and views. Sustainability investing has been around for decades, but interest has only picked up big time in the past years. The growing interest and market size have also increased the amount of stories, opinions and views. Many people – in the investment industry and in wider society – believe that sustainability investing is a niche form of investing or do not even know about Read More


”Circular Economy saves the Globe” seminar

MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen arranged ”Circular Economy saves the Globe” seminar, in which expert presentations by professor Markku Wilenius, director Mari Pantsar, serial entrepeneur and impact VC investor Pasi Vänttinen attracted large audiences and discussantants to restaurant School in Turku. Sustainable development and circular economy expert Sirpa Pietikäinen kept presentation, in which she raised the importance of concrete actions to improve the use and recycling of limited resources on Earth. Professor of Future Studies Markku Wilenius covered the topics of challenges, opportunities and needed solutions to taken in action so that we can fit and have resources to use  under only Read More


Plantui raised new 1,4 million euro finance and signed OEM product agreement with one of the leading global home appliances manufacturers in May 2018.

Finnish smart garden developer Plantui succeeded closing new finance round, which included investments from existing shareholders and many new investors. New investors included many HNWIs f.e. one of the Supercell founders Mikko Kodisoja. Many new investors were especially attracted by the OEM product agreement signed with one of the leading global home appliances manufacturer. Plantui aimed at getting partnership agreement with one of the leading global home appliances manufacturer, which happened and agreement was signed in May 2018. Plantui will focus on with its global partner to R&D work, which results are presented at IFA in Berlin 31.8.2018. Plantui will Read More


Plantui sales grow in Europe and Southeast Asia – new equity investments support growth

 The smart garden manufacturer Plantui has expanded into new markets in Europe and Asia, with sales operations already in 18 countries. Sales in Europe have been boosted by a retail agreement with the luxury department store Harrods. During the year, Plantui has raised more than one million euros in equity investments. With the funding, Plantui is aiming for strong growth in the Southeast Asian market. The Finnish smart garden startup Plantui Oy successfully closed its newest funding round. In 2016, Plantui has raised more than one million euros in funding, with a third of it coming from private investors in Asia. Read More


Finnish Innovation Fund published impact investing manual for investors

Impact investing is growing fast globally. Impact investing combines financial returns and positive impact in sustainability as its main aim for investing. Impact brings third dimension to the traditional risk-return ratio consideration and valuation for investors. Impact investing manual provides overview of the market, different instruments and investment process. Please go download impact investing manual in Finnish from Finnish Innovation website from the the link  


Year 2016 in Review

Vana Capital & Ventures Invests in Plantui Vana Capital & Ventures has invested in Finnish Design and Food Tech company Plantui, which grows across the globe and offers its Smart Garden products for hydroponic indoor gardening in 15 European and Asian countries. There are few long-term global market trends, which are the continuous urbanization process, increasing interest in cooking and in local food along with interest in personal wellbeing and health that drives demand for new food tech solutions and products. Plantui is a new Design & Food Tech company with focus on the growth process in hydroponic indoor gardening. Read More