Design, Product Pilot Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales Company of Limited Editions of Unique Ecological African Wild Silk Fabrics, Yarns and Textile Products

The company has specialized in unique ecological and high quality Kalahari wild silk fabrics “Limited Editions” product designs, product pilot manufacturing, marketing and sales. There is also the offering of textile industry training, education, know-how transfer, practical knowledge and skills development with manufacturing and Finnish University partners to Kalahari region women entrepreneurs and communities.


The company has experienced Finnish textile, interior and industrial designers behind its product lines. There is semi-industrial product pilot manufacturing site with number of experienced weavers and knitters around for making the high quality natural wild silk fabrics, yarns and products in Finland. Then there are the main activities of the global marketing and sales of the company. Textile industry training, education, know-how transfer, practical skills and knowledge development are offered together with two Finnish university partners.

The products and product offering are the different unique and high quality ecological Kalahari wild silk fabrics, yarns along with clothing, interior and industrial textile products. There are only “Limited Editions” of these products offered to sales. Then there are also natural and ecological high quality alpakka and Kalahari Wild Silk products.

The company business, production and products support the sustainable development and follow the ethical values throughout the process. Products are fully ecological and natural along with produced by following the international sustainable development and environmental standards. Textile industry training, education, know-how transfer, practical skills and knowledge development are supporting and ensuring to the customers and partners that the company is fully commitment to sustainability, responsibility and positive impact increasing enhancement to ensure more balanced global economic development in the future. The company is also empowering and enhancing the women entrepreneurship, new jobs, textile industry knowledge and skills along with the positive development of economic, social and environment aspects in Kalahari region and communities in the future.


The market is high quality, ecologically and ethically produced textile products around the world.

The customers are different textile industry companies, which are the natural wild silk fabric, yarn and products manufacturers, wholesalers, well-known design houses and designers. The responsible and ethical consumers are our most important customer around the world. Our production and R&D partners are also important customers for us, which include 2 Universities and different manufacturing partners in Finland and f.e. Aranos Wild Silk in Namibia.

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