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Digi-TV Education and Learning Material System for Broadcast Networks, TV Operators and Educational Institutions to Rural Areas in Developing Countries

The company has specialized in Digi-TV education and learning materials delivery system and services.

Digi-TV education and learning materials system product offers cost-efficient way to deliver informational, educational and learning materials in digital broadcast networks. The product and services are meant for the developing countries in rural areas. The product offers access to more educational materials, better learning and development opportunities to empower and enable people to impact positively in sustainable development in the future.

The product is a platform and the system, which offers solution from content data base and delivery process for operators to solution for reception and operation for the end users. The product is easy to implement, to operate, to use and to update.

The market is digital educational and learning materials offering for teachers to support their teaching and for students to have access to more information, learning materials and development of new skills. The market include and involve also the broadcast network and TV operators, which are offered new product and service opportunity to their customers besides the existing traditional TV services such as news, documentaries, movies, sports and advertising offering. The system and product is similar to the offering of different e-Learning firms’ solutions in broadband networks.

The customers are educational institutions, ministries of education, ministries responsible for internal development, public authorities responsible for education, international development organizations, broadcast public and pay-TV operators in developing countries.