Plantui’s Vision

Plantui is a Design & Food Tech company with focus on the growth process in hydroponic indoor gardening.

We believe that in the future greens will be grown near where they are consumed, at home and your local restaurants.

Plantui combines cutting edge plant science, light spectrum intelligence & high technology packaged as a beautifully designed consumer product. The Plantui concept is based on a scalable business model where consumers buy a Plantui Smart Garden product combined with recurring purchases of Plantui Plant Capsules and accessories. The growth method has been patented (IPR).

Key trends driving the growth of indoor gardening:

  • Urbanization: In 2015 more than 4 billion people are living in cities, 54% of the whole population.
  • Cooking & local food: Growing interest in cooking and in the use of herbs and salads.
  • Wellbeing & health: People are more aware of their health and what they eat.

Plantui™ Smart Garden gives you the joy of growing fresh greens, a world of plants to choose from and a very cool way to light your home. We believe everyone deserves a garden.

Plantui Smart Garden combined with a selection of plant capsules guarantees the best customer experience for growing your own greens at home. Pure, fresh, healthy and tasty greens without soil and pesticides.

Plantui sales growth – now available in 15 countries

Plantui will accelerate its growth during 2016-2017 through the introduction of new Smart Garden platforms and tailored services to drive plant capsule sales, e.g. experimental kits for those who enjoy a wide selection of herbs. In the autumn of 2016 we launched or new light block, for those who love to grow chili and other tall plants.

We launched our first Smart Garden in 2014 and expanded into new countries including Denmark, Holland, Japan and Singapore during 2015. As for now Plantui Smart Garden is for sale in 15 countries in Europe and Asia. In november 2016 the famous department store Harrods in Lodnon launched Plantui Smart Gardens and plant capsules.

During 2015 we set up our new website for consumers with a database of plant information and the Plantui online shop at Plantui is also available in many online shops in Europe and Asia.

At the beginning of 2016 we launched our smaller Plantui 3 at a lower price point and the Moomin Garden, an educational product for children and their parents to enjoy the miracle of growth combined with storytelling in co-operation with Moomin Characters. In November 2016 Plantui started its co-operation with Moomin International Kindergarten in Tokyo. Plantui is also co-operating with many Finnish kindergartens and primary schools introducing children to the miracle of growth.



The rapidly growing Food Tech segment has attracted a lot if interest among investors. Plantui’s key target is to build a profitable business globally toghether with its distribution and retail partners.